My Cheeky Elf Mood Stars


Either Silly or Happy Cheeky Elves or both!

My Cheeky Elf Star loves to join in with the antics of their hero – Elf On The Shelf!

While Elf on The Shelf is preparing for his next scenario…children can play with their Cheeky Elf Stars!


Happy Star is moonlighting this Christmas and teaming up with Silly Star as My Happy Christmas Star and My Silly Christmas Star!

But they’ve asked me to provide some backup as they’re going to be super busy over the festive season…

So here they are – My Cheeky Elf Stars! Yes, you’re right, it is My Award Star!  And joining forces again with Silly Star! (They’re best friends!)

Children love elves at Christmas time and while that one who frequents a shelf is up to his tricks, these two can join in with his antics and they’re affordable enough to share between all the kids!


Just mention in the notes which Star you’d like…Silly Cheeky Elf Star or Happy Cheeky Elf Star!

Now where have they run off to?

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