Wendy Woo Educational Toys

Lovingly designed developmental tactile toys and beautiful workbook.

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Wendy Woo Educational Toys

Lovingly designed developmental tactile toys and beautiful workbook

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much are UK delivery costs?

My Mood Stars



My Mood Stars & Boards



My Mood Stars Workbook


How are my products delivered?

We send My Mood Stars and work books are sent via signed for courier.

How long will it take my products to arrive?
We aim to send them within one working week after receiving your order/payment.
Are My Mood Stars safe for all children to use?
Yes, My Mood Stars are CE compliant with the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011.
Is my child too old/too young to play with My Mood Stars?
My Mood Stars are suitable for all ages, particularly for early years.







Please visit Early Years Framework for more information.

My child is on the autistic spectrum. Are My Mood Stars suitable for them?
My Mood Stars have proved to be a very effective toy for encouraging children to talk about and acknowledge their feelings as well as the feelings of others, making them a perfect learning tool for children on the autistic spectrum.
I've lost the playing instructions, where can I download them?
There is a link in the footer of this website where you fill in your details to receive your Free Games to Play download. If you have already signed up, please contact us and we’ll supply you with this.
What happens if I lose a star? Can I purchase a spare?
We don’t sell the stars separately. But, a whole set of replacement stars will be available for purchase in summer 2018.
Where can I find My Mood Stars on social media?
How do I wash My Mood Stars?

We recommend sponging the stars with a mild detergent, however, the stars are machine washable at 40°.  Wash separately or with like colours. 



Due to the hook and loop nature of the board, we’d recommend using a lint roller. Wipe the wooden edges of the board with a damp cloth.

What is your returns policy?
Please refer to our full Refund & Exchange Policy for simple instructions on how to return your products.

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