My Mood Stars

Encouraging emotional wellbeing and communication with My Mood Stars.

We all know that the ability to express and control our own emotions is an essential social skill.  Recognising  emotions in others is equally important. However, for the young child or for children on the autism spectrum trying to communicate feelings can be difficult and frustrating.

My Mood Stars enable all children to immerse themselves in imaginative play, encouraging dialogue, either by themselves or with others that helps to develop their emotional wellbeing.

My Mood Stars offer a fun opportunity for children to talk about how and what they are feeling. The soft, washable Mood Stars can be popped on and off their own wipeable, vinyl board, which is a fun activity in itself.

We have also seen older children vent their frustration and turn anger into laughter mid-meltdown as they throw the Stars onto the board and watch them stick.  Younger kids love this game too.

When not being used on the board, the Mood Stars can be carried around just like other soft toys to bring comfort and reassurance. They can even be worn (by over3’s) as a badge which is perfect for non-verbal children.

The soft, tactile Mood Stars can be used to set the scene for creating endless stories and games.   The names of the Stars – Timid, Sad, Angry, Happy, Sleepy, Surprised, Scared and Silly – can be changed to fit in with the user’s vocabulary.

Blue vinyl board with My Mood Stars

The My Mood Stars pop on and off their My Mood Stars board.


How to Play with My Mood Stars

In addition to the Mood Stars themselves, their coloured board, a badge, and an activity sheet is included. On the activity sheet, you will find inspirational activities that will keep your child engaged for hours.

As a separate, helpful accessory, the My Mood Stars workbook also encourages emotional wellbeing. The book with a Mood Star on each page with room to write or draw, allows children to express their emotions verbally or through notes and drawings on pages provided.

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