Hello all those caring for little ones!

It’s here! The Brand New “My Mood Stars” Puzzle!!

Here is a fab puzzle for your children to play at any time.

Easy peasy to play!

Complete the jigsaw…and then see which of the My Mood Stars has been created!

The puzzle creators from this fab website have produced this amazing super fun jigsaw starring My Mood Stars!

Children will want to spend hours completing the eight different puzzles to see which Mood Star they have created!

Simply complete the jigsaw puzzle and see if you can guess which Star it is before the answer is revealed!

Complete The Puzzle

Your turn to play!

Click here to Play the My Mood Stars Game!

My Mood Stars are available here.

They can be bought with or without their own My Mood Stars board.

The My Mood Stars workbook is also available – click here to buy your own copy!


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